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Material Testing Equipment

We are engaged into providing Material Testing Equipment which are made out of the materials steels that delivers the best quality. These Material Testing Equipment are very helpful in grinding and crushing. The variety of Material Testing Equipments which can be found under this category are Lab Pulverizer, Lab-Jaw Crusher, Roll Crusher and Coal Jaw Crusher.

Laboratory Pulveriser

RSEP-181 Rajco Laboratory Pulverizer is a disc type grinder, designed for grinding material to produce a fine mesh sample in one operation. It is a self contained grinder furnished with a rotating disc having a planetary movement in a vertical plane. This feature gives added life to the wearing parts and delivers a product to uniform fineness. The pulverizer will reduce 1 pounds sample of quartz type material to 100 mesh in 1 minute. Maximum feed size is ¼ inch Grinding is done between two discs one of which is stationary and the other revolving eccentrically at high speed. The apparatus is supplied with heat treated disc of 7 inches in diameter Adjustment of size of product may be made by use of a convenient hand wheel while the machine is in operation or at rest. A self locking device holds the hinged grinding chamber in place and affords easy and quick access to the grinding chamber for removal of ground samples and for cleaning.

The pulverizer is supplied complete with a 3 H.P. motor, starting switch, V-belt puly drive and mounting Electrical requirements are 440 volts, 3 phase A.C.

Disc diameter : 175 mm
Maximum feed size : 8 mm (approx)
Size of finished Product : 72 to 100 mesh

Laboratory Pulveriser
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Lab-Jaw Crusher

  1. RSEP-106 Rajco Lab-Jaw Crusher : Small
    The RSEP Laboratory Crusher is designed to speed up the crushing of aggregate, ores, minerals, Coal, Coke, Chemicals and other similar materials. It is compact and of rugged construction for general laboratory or small pilot plant operations.

    Two jaws of manganese steel are provided in the jaw crusher. The moveable jaw produces two blows for every revolution thus reducing over sizing to a minimum. A combination of forward and downward and strokes with a rocking action exerts pressure on the coarse material, yet permits the finished material to pass through the jaws. A hopper is provided at the top for feeding materials. The smooth jaws ensure a uniform product and easy cleaning is possible.

    Jaw Size : 100 x 150 mm
    Max. Size of feed : 30 mm (approx)
    Product discharge size : 6mm to 18mm (adjustable)
    Capacity : 250 kg/hr (approx) (based on meteral)
    Operation on : 440V, 3 Ph, 50Hz, A.C. complete with a 3 H.P. Motor, a starter V belt Pulley drive and mounting.

  2. Rajco Jaw Crusher : Medium.

    Similar to RSEP-106, But :
    Jaw Size : 150 x 200 mm
    Max. Size of feed : 50 mm (approx)
    Product discharge size : 12.5 mm to 22 mm (adjustable)
    Capacity : 350 kg (based on materail)
    Operation on : 440V, 3Ph, 50Hz, A.C. Complete with a 5 H.P. Motor a starter 'V' belt pully drive and mounting.

  3. Jaw Crusher Large

    Similar to RSEP-106, But :
    Jaw Size : 300 x 400 mm
    Max. Size of feed : 100 mm (approx)
    Product discharge size : 20 mm to 30 mm (adjustable)
    Capacity : 1000 kg (based on materail)
    Operation on : 440V, 3Ph, 50Hz, A.C. Complete with a 7.5 H.P. Motor a starter 'V' belt pully drive and mounting.

Lab-Jaw Crusher
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Roll Crusher

RSEP-311 Rajco Roll Crusher comprise of two hardened alloy steel rollers with 100 mm. faces and 250 mm diameters. The rollers are fitted to a steel shaft and are mounted on heavy duty gunmetal bearings. The outside bearings are provided with heavy duty compression springs, which help in increasing the space between the rolls, when a piece of material cannot be crushed. Square threaded holts are provided to adjust the gap between the rolls. The drive is by a heavy duty motor, through V belts to a set of gears and further to the rollers. A hopper is provided for feeding the material. The whole arrangement is mounted on a fabricated steel frame. Supplied complete with a 3.0 H.P. motor, and strarter following sizes available.

(a) Size : 4 x 8 with motor 3 HP, 3PH
(b) Size : 4 x 10 with motor 3 HP, 3PH
(c) Size : 6 x 10 with motor 3 HP, 3PH
(d) Size : 6 x 12 with motor 5 HP 3PH
(e) Size : 10 x 12 with motor 5 HP 3PH

Roll Crusher
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Coal Jaw Crusher

RSEP-312 Rajco Coal Jaw Crusher
Size :
(a) 4 x 10 with Motor 3 HP 3PH
(b) 6 x 12 with Motor 5 HP 3PH
(c) 8 x 16 with Motor 10 HP 3PH
(d) 12 x 22 with Motor 15 HP 3PH

Coal Jaw Crusher
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