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Providing thoroughly researched, innovative and customized material testing equipment for around last 30 years, Rajco Scientific & Engineering Products is amongst the most dynamic, customer focused and reliable manufacturers and exporters of material testing equipment, soil testing machine, concrete testing machine, bitumen testing machine, metal testing machine, general lab testing, aggregate testing machine, cement testing equipments and asphalt testing machine.

We have specialist engineers and technologists who are actively involved in the development of new test methods and hence develop more user friendly, reliable and industry Oriented instruments. Our team not only has vast technical knowledge but also worldwide experience in customer relationship.

We work closely with our customers to provide solutions to their testing needs for metals, soil, cement, concrete, bitumen, tar, fuel, rubber, leather etc. Currently, our clientèle is spread across Middle East , Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and part of European Countries. Our products, manufactured as per the relevant international standards, are rapidly establishing their position in other international markets as well.

Welcome to Rajco Scientific and Engineering products. Experts in Material Testing Equipments.Established in 1997 at New Delhi, we offer Wide range of material testing equipments, Hi-end research and new age innovation based products for meeting the need of engineers.With 30 years of experience and excellent customer service we offer equipment solutions as per the client needs within the given budget.We offer vast range of Material, General Lab, Soil & Cement Testing Equipments and Metal, Concrete and Asphalt Testing Machines.Our Laboratory Pulveriser, Roll and Rajco Coal Jaw Crusher under Material Testing Equipments are extremely reliable.We provide Bitumen and Aggregate testing machines with different features.Our Soil Testing & Cement Testing Equipments are widely appreciated in market.Along with that we offer Metal/ Concrete/ Asphalt Testing Machines which are well known for their impeccable performance.Oven Universal, Environmental Chamber and Water Bath Rectangular are some of the well known features of General Lab Testing.Explore our exclusive variety.

Product Range

Material Testing Equipment
Laboratory Pulveriser | Lab-Jaw Crusher | Roll Crusher | Coal Jaw Crusher

Bitumen Testing Machine
Ring Ball Apparatus | Standard Penetrometer | Ductility Testing Machine | Film Stripping Device | Benkleman Beam | Centrifuge Extractor | Marshall Stability and Compaction ASTM

Aggregate Testing Machine
Thickness Gauge | Length Gauge | Metal Measure | Rifiller Sample Divider | Aggregate Impact Tester With Automatic Blow Counter | Devel Abrasion Testing Apparatus | Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine | Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine

Soil Testing Equipment
Liquid Limit Device | Direct Shear Apparatus | Triaxial Cell | Field C.B.R. Test Apparatus | Load Frame | Vane Shear Apparatus | Sieve Shaker Gyratory | Sieve Shaker ROTAP Motorised

Metal Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine | Torsion Testing Machine for Wire Elect-Operated | Torsion Testing Machine (Graph Type) | Tensile Testing Machine | Pendulam Impact Testing Machine

Cement Testing Equipments
Vicat Needle Apparatus | Blain Air Permeability Apparatus | Le-Chatelier Mould | Slump Test Apparatus | Laboratory Cement Autoclave

Concrete Testing Machine
Permeability Tests | Cube Mould | Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated | Compression Testing Machine Electrically Operated | Flexural Testing Machine (Hand Operated)

General Lab Testing
Serological Water Bath | Water Bath Rectangular | Oven Universal | Environmental Chamber

Asphalt Testing Machine
Core Drilling Machine Without Cutter Electrically Operated | Core Drilling Machine Petrol-cum Kerosene Engine | Core Drilling Machine Without Cutter Diesel Engine | Rock/ Concrete Cutting Machine

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