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Cement Testing Equipments

Vicat Needle Apparatus, Blain Air Permeability, Le-Chatelier are some of the Cement Testing Equipments which are offered by us. These apparatus are made in such way that it matches with the industry standards and offers satisfaction to the end users. Some of the characteristics of these Cement Testing Equipments are expansion limit, physical and chemical aspects, specific gravity and testing permeability.

Vicat Needle Apparatus

Consists of a metallic frame bearing a movable rod with cap at one end a vicat mould 70mm in dia at the base, 50mm at the top and 40mm high and with a glass base plate consistency plunger intial and final needless in a nice Jewellary case.

Code : RSEP-263
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Blain Air Permeability Apparatus

The apparatus comprises one each of permeability Cell U tube manometer with stop cock mounted a sunmica wooden stand, perforated metal disc, plunger, Rubber, Stopper, Rubber tube with rubber bulb.

Accessories :-
Dibutylphthalate liquid (500 grm bottle) Punch.

Spares :
a) Sunmica wooden stand with U tube monometer with stop cock.
b) Permeability Cell complete with perforated metal disc, non -perforated disc and plunger.

Blain Air Permeability Apparatus
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Code : RSEP-026
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Le-Chatelier Mould

It consists of a small split cylinder forming a mould on either side of the split cylinder, two parallel indicating arms with pointed ends are attached. Supplied complete with two glass plates and lead weight.

Le-Chatelier Mould
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Code : RSEP-127
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Slump Test Apparatus

Consists of slump cone fitted with handles and foot pieces in position. Base plate in octagonal shape two clamps slide over the foot grips of a standard slump cone and hold it securely while filling and rodding. A Combination swivel carrying handle. Complete with graduated temping rod 0-60cms long and 16mm dia with 0-30cms scale graduation.

Accessories :-
Slump Cone 10cms top dia, 20cms bottom dia and 30cm height.

Slump Test Apparatus
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Code : RSEP-209
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Laboratory Cement Autoclave WITH STAINLESS STEEL CHAMBER

The Autoclave is suitable for conducting accelerated soundness test on cements or the autoclave expansion test requiring constant steam pressure with the correspondent constant pressure. It is consists of a stainless steel cylinder with a welded heat insulated voer, mounted on a sturdy supporting frame, enclosed in a heat insulated metel housing, attractively finished. The attached control unit encloses sensitive pressure regulator and pressure gauge, power switches and pilot lights for controlling the electric heating units inside Chamber Dimension-15 cm dia meter x 40.5 cm height suitable for operation on 230 v, 50 hz, Single phase, A.C. supply. Supplied complete with test bar holder Special rack to hold specimens above water level in the autoclave and in vertical position to expose them in the same manner

a) Made of Stainless Steel Inside
b) Made of Mild Steel Inside

Laboratory Cement Autoclave
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Code : RSEP-016
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