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Asphalt Testing Machine

The wide range of Asphalt Testing Machine offered by us are capable of undertaking all the tests. Various types of Asphalt Testing Machine are core drilling machines without cutter electrically operated, petro cum kerosene engine and without cutter diesel engine and last but not the least rock/concrete cutting machine.

Petrol-Cum Kerosene Engine Core Drilling Machine

Core Drilling Machine Petrol-cum Kerosene Engine the machine shall be made from steel and shall bee designed for laboratory coring in Concrete, Tiles, Asphalt, Paving Rocks and other similar hard materials either horizontally, vertically up and vertically down in inclined position.Pavement core drill shall be provided with hand operation rapid’ screw feed thru level drive with built in ball bearings, water swivel shall be totally enclosed and mounted on the drill spindle. The drill spindle shall be of floating on tapered roller bearings shall be driven thru level gears. The drill drive shaft shall be mounted on the swivel base for angle drilling of 360 degree for one setting i.e. in all direction. The drill shall be powered by petrol / kerosene run, air cooled 4 strokes single cylinder engine developing 3 to 4 H.P. at 3000 R.P.M. The drive from engine to drill head shall be thru V belts and sprocket speed reducer with a standard reduction 8:1 and totally enclosed in drive belt guard and sealed. The engine shall be able to start with petrol and later on shall be able to start with petrol and later on shall be able to run on kerosene oil. The engine is Enfield make with ISI certification Mark. The drill shall be provided with gear type pump driven of the drill by V-belt and designed for 1.25 gallons per minutes and the pump shall be complete with suction and delivery hoses and with other controls. The drill shall have hand towing attachment and leveling screws to facilitate easy shifting is and setting. The machine shall be able to drill cores upto 150mm in diameter and 300 mm in depth. The unit shall be portable in mobile type of sturdy base, with a pillar support, and which shall be provided with a rod for adjusting the height and penetration assembly, counter weight and swivel is also provided. The unit shall be supported on M.S. Wheels for easy mobility. Leviling screws shall be fitted on the base. It shall have a suitable grip for holding the rock or block of about 300 x 300 x 300 mm in position for taking out cores of the required size.

Core drilling Machine without cutter Petrol-cum-Kerosene Oil 150 x 300mm.


Technical Specification

Power Consumption 3 to 4 HP
Machine Type Automatic
No-Load Speed 3000 RPM
Diameter Upto 150mm
Depth 300 mm


Core Drilling Machine Petrol-cum Kerosene Engine
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Asphalt Testing Machine
Petrol-Cum Kerosene Engine Core Drilling Machine

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